Our history

Panificio Matteo la storia

“Bread making” is steeped in over a thousand years of tradition,
still developing itself every day and connecting the tradition
of taste with the simplicity of our current work.

Respect for tradition and excellence, this is the motto that has been characterizing our company for over 40 years.
Since 1974 Tiziano Assolini has been churning out high-quality products, using the traditional bread baking techniques, characterized by a long leavening and by the use of excellent products. In 2001, the fondness for his job encouraged Tiziano, together with his family, to establish MATTEO S.r.l., a company that currently boasts a customer portfolio worldwide.
Each product is studied, made and tested according to customers’ needs and specifications, in full compliance with quality and excellence standards required in the different markets.
MATTEO S.r.l. is a young company however, thanks to the founder’s long experience and to the spirit of innovation of the young generations, is fully aware of the requirements of a booming market; therefore, research and development, represent an essential constant of the company, as well as the use of latest generation technologies, which, together with the respect for tradition, offer to customers a product of pure excellence.
Matteo keeps unchanged the best features from the point of view of the dough and of the manufacturing process, the passion for its work, the attention to traditional taste preferences and to handicraft production. This way the company can offer a wide product assortment: from white bread in different shapes and weights to stuffed bread, from traditional “focaccia” to the most innovative ones, like salty cakes, appetizers and bakery products. All specialties match consumer tastes and, at the same time, make the processing operations simpler than ever, adapting the manufacturing to the modern production times and methods.
Through the selection of the best raw materials, but also of the most savoury and traditional ones, mixed with a long experience and the latest freezing technology, Matteo has opened a new era in the bakery and pastry industry, becoming one of the leading manufacturers of frozen semi-finished products. Besides, the company is the first that has radically changed the bread production process, standardizing the manufacturing process through the chill technology.

Our Philosophy

Passion and high quality raw materials have always played a primary role in the development of our bakery specialties. We are the first who test our products: we develop them according to our customers’ requirements, we make, test and offer them to the customers in our factory and only when the products fully meet our quality standards, then they can be launched on the market. Frozen is a synonym of quality and respect of the tradition. We have the same highest respect for our products both during the selection of raw materials and in the preservation of the traditional manufacturing techniques. When we talk about frozen specialties we always mean the production and marketing of frozen semi-finished products, that maintain constant and high-quality standards until the end of the manufacturing process and allow to make unique recipes by reducing the processing time, without affecting the creative and handmade work.
Creativity and dedication have always been our main ingredients.

Made in Italy

Proud of being Italian, we export the excellence of the national industry all over the world, ensuring the manufacturing of specialties tasting like homemade recipes processed with traditional techniques and whose quality is guaranteed by the advanced freezing technology. Every year we participate as exhibitors in the most important international trade fairs, such as TuttoFood or Cibus, they represent a global window for our products and the opportunity to meet new customers boosting new business cooperations.